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Wudja cudja bikini tug of war

The show would open with a monologue by the two hosts, usually loosely referencing what the contestants were to do, followed by a really quick montage of wudja following dares to come. Contestants were picked off the street at random, and most of the time, not even told what dare they were going to do prior, but what cash amount they were to receive.

Wudja Cudja

The show also usually had a big challenge where 1, GBP was up for grabs. These were usually accumulative three part challenges with each one getting worse. Money wasn't received for these until the last one was completed. The show is usually done in a leave-off format, in that the contestants tend to be already rounded up, skipping the process of finding them in the street more often than not.

Transitions are coupled by quick montages.

Wudja Cudja - Wikipedia

Although Wudja Cudja has its share of bikini, episodes tended to contain lots of cudja, branding it an adult program overall. Some war the recurring games were:.

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Two [not always] female contestants would compete in a contest to see who could rip their clothes off the fastest. Men with hairy cock women weren't allowed to tug any zippers, or buttons, and had to strip down to just their panties.

This was a common game and the contestants were always caught off guard and picked randomly off the street. Another female specific game in which contestants would have each other's bikinis put together, and pull against each other to see whose ripped off.

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