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In a fairy tale story Pamela Anderson soared from a sweet volleyball-playing school girl raised in a anderson Canadian fishing town to a global superstar who posed on the front cover of Playboy magazine before grabbing international fame as sexy life-guard CJ on hit TV show Baywatch. Scroll down for video. Our exclusive photograph shows Pamela Anderson, a year-old ninth grader inwhen she claims she was gang-raped.

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In a gallery of amazing photos the star is seen nude she dyed her hair peroxide blonde and nude thousands for plastic surgery on her lips and breasts. In one photograph taken when she was a year-old in ninth grade, she is the picture of innocence.

But that angelic image is shattered - because it was pamela same year she was gang-raped by seven boys, she recently claimed. During her school days the now young actress turned animal activist was a plain-looking teen with naturally straight brown hair instead of today's bikini baristas web cam blonde locks.

In a series of other pictures you can see how she fell into the fashions of the time; all perms young baggy sweaters, that are cringeworthy to look back on now. Ty shared this picture family teen nudists contests Pam at a pool party in Pamela is already toying with the blonde look she became nude anderson anderson.

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nude Here Pamela is pictured pamela her prom and her graduation in Ty said Pam was 'plain-looking' but still in the top ten most beautiful girls at school at the time. The series of snaps includes her first ever topless photo — taken before she anderson in Playboy. Pamela sent the pictures, taken by a friend of the teen, to Ty as a saucy young. Pamela had a fantastic body and I was pamela very, very lucky guy.

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